Shori was established in 2018 by Chef Daniel Victory with aspirations to introduce Japanese street food to his home town of York. With his background in high-class fine dining, Shori has established itself as a modern twist on a traditional concept in the north of England.

The philosophy of Shori is clear; only use premium ingredients, push the boundaries of culinary ingenuity and rigid attention to detail with every dish.



Danny is the chef patron of Shori. He has worked in various Michellin starred kitchens all over the United Kingdom, including working as a sous chef for Michael O'Hare for the Rabbit in the Moon in Manchester. His experience has primarily been in French influened fine-dining, however he developed a passion for Japanese cuisine due to the similarities in discipline and the skills necessary to create outstanding food.


The latest member to join the shori team, Jay was first introduced to the culinary world originally through a weekend job catering for some of Yorks most prestigious clientel. This quickly evolved into a passion and career, taking every opportunity to explore new flavours and culinary technique. After returning from a summer working in a bustling shoreline Jersey restaurant he joined the shori team, excited in learning the art of Asian cuisine!